CALL Projects

Language Learning Strategies Module

Julia Kleinheider and I developed this module for students at the University of Houston (and beyond) who are taking a language class for the first time. The module contains research-based, interactive materials meant to challenge students’ perceptions of what it takes to learn a language, and to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.


This website was created as a supplement to the Russian listening courses I taught at Indiana University in the summer of 2015. I created this resource to enable my students to revisit the listening texts and activities we did in class, and to provide them with a wealth of authentic materials and pedagogical support for improving their listening skills.

Nado zhe!

I created these corpus-based web modules for Russian conversation as part of my Ph.D. dissertation research. The purpose of the website is to provide instruction on routine formulas–phrases essential to pragmatic competence. The website uses corpus excerpts, film clips, and practice exercises to help learners of Russian to acquire this language.


For the past few years, I have been maintaining an archive of online language learning resources and websites that can aid learners in their study of Russian. You can browse by level or tag to explore what is available. Each resource is accompanied by suggestions on how to use it to improve your Russian.

Practicum Po-Russki

During the summer of 2009, I taught second-year Russian at Beloit College’s Center for Language Studies. I documented that experience here, using a blog to reflect on my teaching for Peter Shaw’s Practicum course at the Monterey Institute.

Web-Based Russian Test

I created an online Russian diagnostic test intended for college students who are preparing to study abroad in Russia, which is hosted on ANVILL (A National Virtual Language Lab). The test was designed originally for Dr. Kathleen Bailey’s Language Assessment course, then expanded upon for the CALL and Assessment course with Sarah Springer, both in the fall of 2009. Read my reflection on designing this web-based test. I also created a language testing philosophy and resources document for Dr. Bailey’s class that focuses on assessment in general and as it relates to Russian and CALL in particular.

Unit Plan Design

This is a unit plan I designed for Dr. Peter Shaw’s Curriculum Design class in the spring of 2009. I integrated The Sims 2 to create a series of lessons about planning a dinner party. For more ideas for using The Sims in the classroom, see the links on my Gaming in the Foreign Language Classroom wiki.

Russian Online

Using the social networking platform Ning, I created an online space for learners of Russian to document their independent language study, connect with fellow language learners, ask questions, and share videos and other links. This project was undertaken for Sarah Springer’s CALL and Curriculum course in the spring of 2009. Watch a guided tour of Russian Online here.

25 Things in 75 Days

For the Using Internet in Language Teaching course I took with Sarah Springer in January of 2009, I outlined a syllabus for a CALL-enhanced semester-long study abroad course in Russia. The syllabus is presented in Zoho, a suite of online applications that includes a digital notebook, word processor, spreadsheets, wiki, and more.

Russian Culture in Language Podcast (.mp3)

I created a podcast episode for the CALL course Podcasts, Vodcasts, V-blogs in the fall of 2008. This podcast is intended to assist English-speaking intermediate and advanced level students of Russian in better understanding Russian culture and how it relates to language. The podcast consists of a conversation between an American and a Russian on a Russia-specific cultural topic. The first topic is “Bribery in Russia.” The podcast is supplemented by a PDF with the phrases mentioned in the episode; listeners should take note of the cultural background given in order to use the phrase list as a resource. Special thanks to Elena Ilina, whose voice you can hear along with mine in this episode!

Russian Podcast Reviews

I researched and reviewed several Russian podcasts for language learners for the CALL course Podcasts, Vodcasts, V-blogs with Sarah Springer in the fall of 2008.

Collaborative Practical Experience Project: Interview with Richard Robin

The final project for Bob Cole’s CALL and Pedagogy course was a collaborative practical experience with an educator. I decided to interview Professor Richard Robin at the George Washington University about how he has used technology in teaching Russian.

Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language + CALL

I created this blog in Bob Cole’s CALL and Pedagogy course at the Monterey Institute in the fall of 2008. I explored web 2.0 tools and suggested teaching applications.

Kade Collaborati

While working as a graduate assistant at the Teaching and Learning Collaborative at the Monterey Institute, I contributed several posts on educational technologies to our blog: Lingt, Google Earth, Quia, Twitter, Voxopop, PBwiki, StumbleUpon, Cmap, digital media collages, wikis, and digital notebooks.